Sunday, May 1, 2011

Changes Finale

This is a the third and final installment in my Changes Series. The first two can be found here:
1. Changes
2. Changes Cont...

This series has been about changes I have made in my life, and blog, and the reasons behind them. This is I hope the final major change I will be making which will effect my blog, and so without further ado...

Welcome to Angelyn's Semi-Healthy Lifestyle

I've been thinking about this concept for my blog a while now, but was not ready to fully commit to it. When I originally started this blog I had intended it to just be a personal blog for my friends and family to stay updated with my changing life with Camilo and the start of our own family. However when my engagement with Camilo was called off I had just caught the blogging bug and couldn't quit, but I also couldn't keep "The Riviere Family" [the original name of this blog] because that is no longer the case. However at the time I still was not sure if it was going to be a blog primarily for close friends and family, or if I wanted to try to expand my horizons, so I went with the very generic name of "The Life and Times of Angelyn." 
Now to the present, as mentioned the idea of a semi-healthy lifestyle had been rolling around in my head for a while now, but this would be a blog meant for the masses, and not just those I know personally. This required some commitment to blogging on my part, and of course...a BUTTON! Well as you see, I have made that leap and am now the author of Angelyn's Semi-Healthy Lifestyle! Button and all [which you should grab].


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Now to the question, what is a SEMI-healthy lifestyle? Well it is the lifestyle I strive to live, and the key concept to living a semi-healthy lifestyle is moderation. Junk food is not really bad, it is TOO much junk food that is bad. Eating healthy is not difficult nor lack luster, but TOO much is being a health nut, and well that is just not a good thing. TOO much exercise, TOO much sleep, TOO much of anything turns into a bad thing. 
But if you live by the standard of all things in moderation, then you can really enjoy life to the fullest. You can enjoy the benefits of healthy eating and all the fun of guilty pleasures which let's face it, if you did not have any guilty pleasures, life would be difficult and dull. This blog is about lifestyle though, not diets or recipes. So I will be blogging about a variety of topics including: eating, exercising, hobbies, kids crafts, education, relaxing, rewards, anything you need to live your version of a Semi-Healthy Lifestyle. 


  1. I have your button and it's at the very TOP of all my buttons! {You should have mine too btw, and I've had a button for awhile!}

  2. Also, love the idea for your blog, good ideas!!!