Friday, April 1, 2011

Changes cont...

So the my last post was about changes I made to my blog, but this one is about some life changes. When you... make the transition from being engaged to being single [I don't want to say the B word] it inevitable changes, well your life. Because my previous future plans were around the idea of being married to someone, I now must form new plans. So this post is about some of the changes I've made for me!

Some of the smaller changes I am making are superficial, and just to get me over the hump of the...relationship paradigm shift that just occurred. One of them being, I'm dyeing my my hair blond! yay I've always wanted to try it, and blonds have more fun, right???? I'm going to do it gradually, lighten my hair, then lighten it a little more, throw in some highlights... etc till I get to the shade I want. I will also be lightening my eyebrows because they are pretty much black and I don't want it to be obvious from a mile away that I am not a natural blond. Second is my diet. I'm hopping on this vegan movement. good-bye animal bi-products, and hello tofu and yest =] Ok maybe not the yeast, BUT I have been studying up alot on the health benefits of veganism, and really think I could adjust to that lifestyle. When I was engaged, I really had no hope of being vegan with carnivorous fiancee, but now it is attainable, and I'm super excited! Hardest part will be cows milk, but I love soy milk and almond milk, and when I consider how hard on the digestive system cows milk is, it makes the choice a little easier [only a little]. and the final superficial change I am making is...underwear, as in I'm no longer going to be wearing it. Sports bras, yes. push-up, under wire, demi, etc... NO WAY. and as for panties...well it is awful freeing not to wear them so we'll see how that goes.

On to the more serious ones. I was planning on living in Tallahassee with my dear for a couple of more years while we finished school, but now everywhere I go is contaminated with memories. Thus I have concluded I need to move - more on that later. as for nursing school. I have not heard back from FSU yet, but regaurdless that is no longer the career path I wish to take. I am going to take flight lessons, and become a pilot instead. I always planned on doing that at some point in my life, but why not now? why not make it my first career? I eventually want to be a bush pilot, but I'll start out commercial. Friends, family, free tickets anyone? I know the reaction I'm getting from some of you, but this is not as sudden as it my seem. It has always been a dream of mine and well my other dreams have currently been pushed to the back burner, so now is the time to put these upfront. Now to where I am going to move. With my aspirations to become a bush pilot, the best place to train and get an impressive flight log to build up my resume is... Alaska! Yes, you read that correctly. I am moving to Alaska, the exact opposite part of this country. Yes it is cold and snowy, and I've always said I was a Florida girl, but I think I have just been scared of change. Well not now, and Alaska is the place for me right now in my life. I know this is a lot, but I am sure you noticed by now ---and if you haven't you're in for another shocker--- that this is April 1st. So if I had you going even for a second reading this blog, the joke is on you! I'm sure most noticed once I got to the sillier changes that this was a fool's day prank. Well I hope I elicited a few giggles, and happy pranking.

Until next time.

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