Monday, May 16, 2011

Cotton Ball Painting

A couple weeks ago I strained a muscle in my back, and boy was life hard at work!!! I haven't been as active with the kids as I usually have been, and over all everything is simpler and less involved on my part. Not necessarily a bad thing though, maybe I can let them do their own thing a little more even now that my back is better.

This day I just gave them a bowl with different colored paint, and cotton balls to paint with. I've been trying to introduce new ways to make art, and cotton balls is the texture I choose to go with for this activity.

 Isn't that texture just so pretty and fun? Can't make that with a paint brush. 

Vivien still preferred fingers over the cotton balls, but the projects turned out beautifully. I'm now debating whether or not to cut them into a specific shape - we are after all learning what a square is this week - or leave them as is. what do you think???


  1. Wow, look at all those posts! Good job. You are such a good teacher. Those kids are lucky to have you!

  2. Thank you for reminding me that we haven't done any cotton ball painting in a looooong time :) And thanks for sharing your ideas with us on It's Playtime - so fabulous to find new blogs as well as new ideas for play.

  3. Looks very fun. I can't wait to try with my kids.
    Thanks for sharing at my link party.

  4. You have been featured this week on It's Playtime! Come over and grab a featured button :)

    Rachele @ Messy Kids