Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Little Wonders' Days is having a real cool Summer Bucket List Party That I am going to join in on. Primarily because I am moving to Kentucky in July, and I have to make the most of Florida summer before I leave. I am not doing it the same as she did, though you should check it out. She has a pretty fun blog. Photobucket

I am just going to make a list, print it out and put it on my wall. I will then cross out everything I complete, and my goal is to have it all crossed off before I move. I think I will also come back and strike through the completed items on my blog, so keep checking back to see how my summer is going!

1. Make a bucket list...pending...still pending
2. Blog consistently
3. Get 30 followers [hint hint]..........Thank you all who are supporting me on this! 
4. Make a menu bar for my blog
5. Buy some non flip-flop shoes
6. Go to the beach - St. George Island
7. Go to the beach - Panama City Beach
8. Go to the beach
9. Go to an Atlantic coast beach - South Beach
10. Go to the beach
11. Go to the beach - yes I want to go to the beach at least 6 times before I move
12. Do not get a serious sunburn.......................I received a minor sunburn on my shins but that is why I emphasized serious because it would be impossible to me to not get any burn. Plus who the heck gets burned shins????? So I consider this successful thus far! 
13. Get 300 songs on my iTunes [not Florida related, but still important to me]
14. Get back in shape
15. Run a 5K under 25 min to prove I did #14..................Maybe I need to lower my expectations for this Summer. 
16. Take a gazillion photos, especially of me at the beach!
17. Go to Walt Disney World. -side note- Anyone interested in donating to the Get Angelyn a Disney Ticket fund, please feel free to contact me to find out how to make donations ;)
18. See a dolphin
19. See a manatee
20. See a shark
21. See an alligator [from a safe distance, not swimming with in the water]
22. Go to Wakulla Springs
23. Go to Rainbow Springs
24. Go to 3 Sisters Springs
25. Go tubing down a river
26. Become a tan goddess, or at least a nice healthy glow.
27. See a river otter. 
28. Finish up to season 6 of Grey's Anatomy with Holly ........We're almost to the end of season 5. 
29. Not spend ALL of my money =/
30. Make a projects I want to-try list.
     -Glitter toes
     -Distressing a painted desk
     -sequin t-shirt
31. Buy a REAL winter coat for Kentucky
32. Read lots and LOTS


  1. That's quite the list! I wish I could do all that stuff. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up to the party and I hope you have a wonderful summer! We're doing a roadtrip in Florida late summer, so I'm hoping to see some manatees with the kids.

  3. Great idea! I think I'll make a summer bucket list too.

  4. I take it you really like the beach! I'll follow and help you get to 30!