Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two skirt transformation!

Ahhhh I'm a terrible blogger! But I did make a pretty awesome skirt this last week that received some compliments at church today so I will be sharing it with you today.

Actually it was a combination of 2 pre-made skirts to a new and improved single skirt.

Background: When I worked at Old Navy I bought an XL little girls silver tulle skirt. A coworker asked if I was using it for my Halloween I just thought it was cute =/ I wore it once then made the mistake of drying it. This made the tulle pucker and not pretty anymore.

Well I hate throwing things away, so I was thinking about how I could repurpose the skirt. I wanted to A) make it more adult like and B) hide the partially ruined tulle. I was digginf through my mommy's scrap fabric and found a blue satin skirt she had already made. Very plain but I loved the color and asked if I could have it.

I decided that I wanted to make a high waist-ed skirt with the silver tulle hanging down several inches beneath the blue skirt. I got to work removing the waist bands and finding a material to use as lining. 

From here I recreated the pattern of the blue skirt, which was 6 trapezoids 6.5inches at the top, and 7.5 inches where I wanted the new lining to end. This would provide a place for me to attach the silver skirt to. 

I sewed the lining together then simply attached the now waist-less tulle skirt to the bottom of that. Some scrunching and gathering needed to happen but not a lot so I just did it as I went on the sewing machine. 

From here I had to sew the new lining to the blue skirt, which I did with a tight zig-zag stitch along the edge to hopefully avoid fraying in the future. The folded it down about 3/4 an inch and sewed a pocket for the elastic. 

What do you think of the end product? 

As a self critic I would like to say that had I taken the time and effort to figure out how to re-do the skirt with a zipper that fit my waist exactly, it would sit alot prettier. However I am admittedly not a patient perfectionist who would rather settle for pretty good than stress myself out for "perfect" 

I also realize I'm not good at writing tutorials since I am a do it and figure it out as I go kinda gal, but if you have any questions about my...interesting methods feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me and I'll do my best to clarify! 

Until Next time.