Monday, May 16, 2011

Massive posting is going to happen today!

In an effort to win a give away at one of my favorite blogs,delicateCONSTRUCTION I am going to post all the projects we've done at school recently today! I have a few art projects and things I haven't posted just yet, and was planning on spacing out over the week, but when I was going to link op my Indoor Water Play post I saw she has a fun giveaway, and you put in entries by linking up activities so I am going to be doing excessive amount of blogging today, and probably not have much else to do for the rest of the week. Oh well to post numero uno!

This was just  ashort and sweet activity I did. At school I was left with only 2 of my kids earlier than usual and decided since I needed to sit down [I strained a muscle in my back the other week, not FUN] to just give the 2 of them some paper paint and glitter to go crazy with. I let them use their fingers and then cut the finished product into a heart, because this was right before mother's day. They had a blast painting the paper, my table, and themselves HAHA and I enjoyed being able to sit down in an adult sized chair for 10 minutes. The floor was absolutely covered in glitter afterwards, and it made a real pretty pile when I swept up afterwards. I think it turned into a real cute and personal little gift.

I did not get pictures of this because it was such a hectic Friday, but I thought I would tell you about the mother's day cards we made. I just started them out with some construction paper and a marker. I don't often give them markers so it was a treat for them! Literally a treat, I looked at one child and her mouth was green! AHHH, I washed it out and switched her to crayons. Continuing, I then took their cards, made phrases in Elmer's glue lie, I Love Mom, or Happy Mom's Day, then let the child dump glitter over it. They looked so pretty, BUT my favorite part was I took a pen, and one at a time helped each child write their name. I guided their hand and said the letters we were writing then told them what it said. They liked looking at their names, and the little wobbly hand writing was soo adorable. I know I know they're too young to actually learn to write, and they couldn't repeat that coordination on their own, but I received a card for teacher's appreciation week where a mom had done the same thing [helping her girl write her name] and I'm telling you my heart melted!!! Well here's the first of a few posts happening this Monday!

Until...a few minutes from now!

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