Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Play

So I re did my blog with the plan of getting serious about it, but alas I have just become more lazy. I was planning on sharing my healthy [and sometimes not so healthy] meals, fun exercising routines, and just writing about life in general! However once I get home from work at 6:15 all I feel like doing is curling up in comfy pajamas and watching netflix, with the occasional socializing with friends via facebook. Blogging has been put on the back burner and as a result I am left to write about the only thing I document in my life, and that is my job. Oh well this is a never ending source of material so even though I wanted to add variation to my blog, at least it is something. *if this last paragraph has left you in doubt of my semi-healthiness because it kinda sounds like I'm a slothful-lazy-bum, I would also like to add that I do in fact do many semi-healthy things during my day, it is just after work I become that lazy good for nothing. Do not write me off just yet! 

Now that I'm done making excuses, onto the activity! I do not have a water table at work, though I wish I did, so I have not done much [as in zip-nada-zero] water play in the past. Recently that has changed since made a fabulous find while perusing the dollar tree! I found a packet of those tablets that dissolve and an animal shaped sponge expands in water, and I decided this would be the perfect small scale water activity I could do inside. I used to love those things when I was a kid. I remember bringing a lot of them into the bathtub with me and watching them race to turn into animals.

I just set out a bowl for each kid with some warm water in it and gave them the tablet and instructed them to put it and leave it in the water. Ok admittedly this was not a well thought out plan for my age group because of course they wouldn't want to just leave it in the water! I really learn everyday at this job. Fortunately there were many tablets in the packet, and I am repeating this activity once a week until i run out. Week one took a while because the tablets were taken out and put back in the water many times, but week two I had a plan. I had also bought little squirt animals for another project, but decided to incorporate it into this one. When I gave them their bowls + tablet, I also gave them the squirt animals. This gave them something to play with while waiting for the animal to grow, and added a different dimension to the water play. I feel like my projects NEVER go as planned the first time around, but I'm glad I get chances to repeat without the original flaws.

I actually didn't get that many pictures...probably because half way through the water play gets more excited and water dumping intervention must be made by me before I end up with moldy carpets... All-in-all not so bad for indoor waterplay. I think next week I'll see what happens when we take the bowls outside. I haven't so far because there are so many distractions that I'm not sure if they will be interested in playing with their bowls, but I gotta try!

Well hopefully next time won't be so long from now, until then linking up to these places!

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  1. Water play indoors - you are a brave mum - I salute you!

  2. Love the idea of letting these go into the bathtub with kids. I gotta try that. Thanks for linking up!