Thursday, May 5, 2011

Diaper changing activities - Dry Erase fun!

Did you catch my post earlier this week about diaper changing activities? Basically it's a short, easy, CLEAN activity I can rotate through the weeks while changing diapers [or really any other time I need to keep them occupied for a short period of time]. Well this activity utilizes the same 4 page protector pages we used for the sticker activities, but this time instead of giving them sticker pages, I gave them dry erase markers. Make sure to buy the slightly more expensive non-toxic dry erase markers if trying this activity. 

I thought of this because whenever we color, I always give them crayons. Can you blame me though? The idea of marker ink all over the room, child, and mouth is scary, and pens just as bad. I wish kids did not recognize they were only receiving one coloring medium, but they do! Whenever they see pens markers or any other writing implement, instant curiosity takes over as they try to reach one and use it. Of course I swoop in and ruin their fun with the new found toy, but not without feeling bad. Then one day, while in the office supply department in Wal-mart, I saw dry erase markers, and inspiration struck! This might be the perfect way to let them explore a new coloring tool, without the terrible unyielding stains. I did a little research about the toxicity, and found that there is a type of non-toxic dry erase marker that is safe for kids to use. YAY! Dry erase marker cleans easily off of non-porous surfaces, so when their little minds wanted to test the surrounding environment with the markers, I'd have peace of mind knowing I could wipe it down later. It also cleans off of clothes easily so I wouldn't feel bad sending them home even if some of their drawing ended up on their outfit. 

They loved it, and were occupied with them for more than enough time for me to change diapers and prepare for the next activity. 

Look at her holding that marker like a pro! 

They enjoyed the erasable qualities of these markers.

The stickers from before are safely tucked inside the page protectors still.
After a while of coloring on the pages, Emery wanted  to try her skin. As I said double check and make sure you get the non-toxic kind.
She was then surprised that the marker did not wipe off her skin  like it did  with the pages. It does rinse off very easily under water so no worries!

This activity was so easy to set up and the kids could've played with it for another half hour if I hadn't transitioned to a new activity. Such a great, easy activity to set-up if you're trying to get some chores done around the house, or cook dinner, or in my case change diapers! 
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  1. Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime this week!

    What a great idea - I love the sheet protectors idea! I'm not positive about this, but do washable markers wipe off? I only ask because we have a sort of white board for a play table - but the dry erase markers (to my surprise) didn't wipe off! And the washable markers cleaned right up (with a wet rag though) -- just curious if a washable marker could replace the dry erase (and you know those are safe for children, too!)

    I'm gonna share your tip on FB too!


  2. I came across this via FB & thought I'd share: there is such a thing as WASHABLE dry erase markers....because regular dry erase ink does NOT wash out of the couch (ask how I know). But regular washable markers don't write very well on plastic, the ink beads up and is frustrating.

    What really saves upholstery, though, are washable dry erase wax crayons. Crayola makes them. Ordinary crayons write on whiteboards but the special ones write with less pressure and show up better. My little guy loves them for his easel.

    I never thought of using sheet protectors this way. Great idea.