Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love running! It is one of the best forms of exercise there is, giving your overall body the a great workout, and great for the heart. I've ran competitively since middle school, but since I've gotten to college, and though I consider myself a decent runner, I'm not good enough for university level, at least the universities I want to attend. So I've gotten lazy. Running for a team and for a purpose, to make it to districts, regionals, etc is such great motivation, but I've lost that and so my running has admittedly been on the decline. I still love running itself, it's a great relief, and those endorphins aren't too shabby either, but when it comes to getting myself out the door in my running gear...well that is the real battle. That is where I am right now - stuck inside on my computer thinking about running, but not wanting to make the effort to go do it. I know once I get out the door and start hitting the pavement [or grass] I'll feel great and glad I made that decision, but right now all I'm feeling is every ache in my body screaming not to run, all the sleep my body is suddenly yearning for, that hot noon day sun, the thirst in my throat. I don't have a team or race to work for, and I also am not in good running shape, so I think to myself if I skip today, I'm not really hurting myself cause I'm not in shape anyways! You see my dilemma here? Why am I blogging about this, you may be asking. Well I'll tell you! MOTIVATION is what I need, so I decided that if I make a promise to the blogging community to get my but out the door and run till my body stops aching and all the sleepiness goes away, that I'll have something to run for.

I, Angelyn Rhames, will put on my running shoes and get out that door, I will go for a good run, and I will do this everyday for the rest of the week! That I promise to myself, and to anyone reading this pledge of health right now.

Alright well I guess I better get on that. Until next time!


  1. Did you do it? Did you run?

  2. I've just recently started running. I run on my mini trampoline in front of my tv but hey, at least I'm doing it!