Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worst week of my life...

Is also turning out to be the best yet for me in blogland! 

First I need a little venting time so feel free to skip the next paragraph. Teachers are ridiculous, ex-fiancées are hurtful, and exams are DREADFUL! Why why WHY would you assign the biggest research paper of the semester to be due during exam week? Is this week not stressful enough? If you loved me so much this past year, how have you already moved on? I have to know every major world event from the 1500's to the present for one test, how does one even begin to study for that?

Did ya skip that? Good, it was painful. Onto why this is turning out to be my most successful week for blogging. The other night I discovered I had received  [I before E except after C and in words that sound like A as in Neighbor...and every other stupid word in the English language that can't be normal. This is why spell check was invented.] My very first Feature over at Delicate Construction and was ecstatic to say the least. Check out my last post to understand what I mean. Now I find out I have been featured AGAIN!!! 

Same post as last time, Raindrops. WOW I could get used to all this special attention ;) 

It makes me so happy to see I may actually be inspiring some people out there. 

Thanks soo much Rachele@Messy Kids! 

I don't know if these pictures will be inspirational in any way BUT I was digging around my old clothes and stuff for some scrap fabric for a project I'm working on when I found a bag with some old costumes in it. Of course I took a trip down memory lane. 

Can ya guess what I was here? A box of nerds! yes it was nerd day at my high school and while everyone else drew on uni-brows and threw on suspenders I sewed these two shirts together, strung a bunch of boxes of mini nerds into a necklace + belt [that got thrown out] put on pair of pink leggings+knee high purple socks and VIOLA! 

This was my 80's costume. My hair was teased that day but don't you just adore that scrunchie!?!
I also found a a Bonnie and Clyde costume I wore to a couples Halloween dance a couple of years ago, but this was midnight when I re-found these costumes and didn't feel like whipping out the stockings and beret. Random pictures I know. 

I don't know how I transitioned from being excited over my SECOND - count them...1...2 - feature, but then again I've been trying to stuff centuries worth of knowledge into my head the past 5 hours so... Until next time, hopefully I'll have a legitimate post for you to read. 


  1. What a clever nerd costume! Sorry things are so dumb and stressful. Don't worry, you can do it! :)

  2. It's good to keep old stuff, it brings back memories. Good job with keeping your nerd costume.

    IB Clever