Saturday, April 9, 2011

The sad life of a poor college student.

I thought my paint editing was clever, until I uploaded it and realized the picture would be too small to read, so you have to enlarge the picture to enjoy my cleverness.

You see, I am a poor college student, living in a small apartment with 3 other girls, so I don't have much space for hobbies. Life is not that sad, but I like being a little melodramatic. Is that an oxymoron, being a LITTLE melodramatic? I found that those thick Elmers Glue boards - can't think of the word for them right now - are an excellent, portable, easily storeable solution to a lack of craft desk/space. Unfortunately that is not what I was thinking of when I bought the Elmers Glue board. It is actually one of the art projects I'm prepping for my class next week. So though it has served me well, I have to say good bye to it soon, and since I'm such an utterly poor college student, I do not know if I'll be able to afford another one for a couple of weeks. One of the hardest things about living away from home is my complete lack of crafting supplies! I took for granted having paint brushes, stencils, and glitter at my disposal. Now I have to be frugal in my spending, forcing me to be more creative with how I come up with art supplies. Hence the old sponge becoming my paint brush!

It'll make a pretty crafting area for the next few days at least. You can see where I had to experiment a little with the cool texture of the sponge and paint before I started the rainbow. Stay tuned to see what that messy looking rainbow turns into!


  1. very clever with the descriptions on your pic of your crafting area. and good job repurposing your sponge! :) When you come to Kentucky, I have paintbrushes you can use!!! {doesn't that make you even more excited?}

  2. Do you have a Dollar Tree near you? They have those white boards right now.