Monday, October 15, 2012

Sew-Free I Spy Bag!

I have been wanting to make an I spy bag for a while because for obvious reasons - they are so neat! I would be entertained by them, and I think they are a neat sensory and discovery experience for toddlers. However I am poor college student [which if you ever read my blog you hear me woe about many a time] and not just poor in cash flow, but poor in time. If I simply had to make one I-spy bag, NO PROBLEM. I'd bang one out on my sewing machine in my typical ... atypical fashion of ignoring tutorials and improvising as I go. However I am [or was until I moved again] a one year old teacher who has 11 wonderful toddlers to stimulate, and I am not looking for the kind of stimulation that comes from fighting, snatching, biting, and crying over one cool new toy! yuck so I had to bang out AT LEAST 5. I've been taught that 5 is a good rule of thumb for how many duplicates of a popular toy you should keep in a classroom to avoid fighting, without excess. 

So as I was purusing Pinterest I saw this!

 I have seen similar things before, but what caught my attention in this sensory bag from Plain Vanilla Mom was the duct tape all around the edges. DUH MOMENT! I went to wal-mart at once and bought the funnest duct tape I could find along with the rest of the necessary supplies to create these little beauts:

Yes that's rice! I don't have money or time to go to specialty craft stores for perfect little useless microbeadies [I believe that is the technical term]. Had to take what wally world, and my pantry, had to offer!

 Uhhmmmm... let me explain....this is me adding glitter cause...well...let's be real I just love glitter, ok? 

 Here is where I would take the picture of the things in the bag [above] and using clear packing tape to attach! Or you could also make a duct tape pocket if you want, but I like the clear packing tape personally.  
Where's the turtle? 

This is EASY PEASY let me tell you! For all of those intimidate by the fancy sewn versions of I-Spy bags, or if you have to be like me and be a factory for I-Spy bags, duct tape is the way tot go. Easy, and I think it looks really cool to! THe only down side in my opinion is I like the texture/ feel of fabrics, and in a perfect world I would've liked to make each bag a different color, shape, and texture fabric so they would get that extra sensory experience .. but this is the real world, and my kids are just gonna have to handle the tough love of duct tape! 

Also I made sensory bags and bottles...but maybe I'll save that for another post...yes I think I will. 

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