Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick update.

So I recently bought my first car! I can't express how exciting this is, though anyone who too has gone through saving and scrimping and dreaming of owning their first car then FINALLY getting it can understand how happy i am. =D It is a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage, has 150,000 miles on it, I payed 2,000 for it, dark blue where the pain is still there LOL. The hood is almost completely sun faded, and the top of the car is a little faded as well, that's what happens living in Florida without any sort of car port. The cheap tint they had is all peely and I'm going to make a project out of getting it all off cause I'd rather have no tint than crappy peely bubbly tint, and eventually get quality new tint put in. I should be able to cause recently Camilo got tints on his car, and I watched in amazement as he haggled the guy down to half the price. He got their highest quality tints with a lifetime warranty, which they first quoted to us for $220, and he only paid $99.99! He's amazing at bartering which is great cause I can't barter anything down 2 pennies. Back onto topic, Brenda [my car] isn't perfect looking, but she runs well, gets good gas, and gets an A++ in my book. My little sister said she really wanted to see some pictures so I'll post a few.

Yup, so I love my new car very much!

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