Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Or perhaps you prefer singles awareness day...either way hope you're enjoying this February 14th 2011. I actually haven't seen that dear fiancee of mine yet today, but I believe he his cooking me some fancy meal. YUMMY =P. We already had a pre-Valentines day celebration this last Thursday. In case you are wondering,  a pre-valentines celebration is what happens when someone procrastinates making reservations for the night of Valentines day too long, so you are forced to make a pre-valentines day reservation =]. So We went to Shula's Steakhouse Thursday night; it's a real fancy smancy place, we got valet parking and everything! Perhaps I sound silly and naive for being excited over valet parking, but it was an exciting new experience for me. Everything was great, especially the food. I was tempted to take pictures of how pretty the plates were, but I felt that would make me look real unclassy so i resisted and just ate it all up. Hands down, the best pre-Valentines dinner I've ever been treated to.

 On a less romantic note, I wanted to share some about the kids at my work, and the heart artwork we made today! In case you don't know, I work at Wee Care Child Care Center as the afternoon teacher for the 18months-24months classroom. I LOVE MY JOB. The morning teacher is always making artwork with the kids; I'm talking beautiful birds, bears, paintings, and she does this with 6 kids! I've been too intimidated to try anything beyond coloring with washable crayons =O But today, I was left with only 2 of my kids, and I figured now was the time to try. So I cut out various heart shapes, got some glue ready and helped them make a heart collage/card for their parents, then allowed them to add a more personal touch with a crayon. The parents liked them, and I think the kids had fun making them.

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  1. sounds like a lovely v-day dinner! Thanks for posting, I loved reading it!